You do what you do best, we take care of the rest

You do what you do best : Welding with Valk Welding wire and we take care of the logistics. Recent examples of transportation nightmares have proven that a robust logistical process is crucial. That is why Valk Welding builds strong connections throughout the whole supply chain, including the forwarders. Having a robust logistical process is often taken for granted and only appreciated when things go haywire.

Photo: LKW Walter

Lessons learned

Uninterrupted welding is what counts and a production process should not be down due to lack welding wire. The blockage of the Suez channel with cargo from Asia showed Europe’s blatant dependence on uninterrupted logistics – including welding wire for some companies. But there were lessons learned in the last decades as well; farmer strikes blocking highways, heavy snow in the alps, massive traffic jams during summer including the tunnels crossing the alps. And what to think about the first months of the covid lockdowns across Europe, when lang haul freight options were decimated. All reasons why Valk Welding has chosen long ago to spread the risk of delayed deliveries that ultimately could hurt your interest: downtime due to no wire. Logistics around welding wire are crucial as 800 metric ton of welding wire is shipped each month. A significant part of the over 30 monthly inbound trucks with Valk Welding wire are transported through Europe using Intermodal freight: combining train and truck. Shipping the longest distance by train ensures a significantly higher delivery reliability, without the head ache of traffic jams, strikes or snow delays let alone a ship sideways in a canal.


Intermodal freight is implemented by Valk Welding way before CO₂ emissions were even a topic in the news. The CO₂ emission, when combining rail and truck, is reduced by 55% compared to deliveries using truck only. Train freight also reduces the traffic load on Europe’s highways. The train freight network is still being expanded so not reaching capacity any time soon. Other environmental driven decision have been taken in the past as well by Valk Welding; Plastic spools are banned and only steel spools are used. Use of PE-foil is minimized while the drums packaging is made from craft paper making them fully recyclable.

Keeping stock

Finally, in a manufacturing world driven by “lean and running on low inventory” we commit to keep stock and deliver from stock while we combine this with smart logistic. This is why we can say: You do what you do best – welding with Valk Welding wire - and we take care of the rest.



We like to think along with you in finding solutions for your (welding) automation, welding wires and welding accessories. We are looking for the connection and prefer to be a partner rather than a supplier.