Feickert and Fega

The history of the Feickert company began in 1947, when the civil engineer Walter Feickert founded a company for structural and civil engineering. Today, his son Rudolf, together with his sons, manage the company, which is also involved in the field of metal and tool making with two companies. The FEGA company produces adapters, buckets, suspension lugs or other assemblies for earthmoving machines. In civil engineering, the use of the material and equipment is subject to high wear. Here FEGA offers not only new components but also repair and reconditioning. Particularly in the area of augers, a welding robot from Valk Welding has been purchased for wear application and repair welding.

Feickert and Fega

The E-shaped robot system consists of 2 stations, as FEGA wants to process both main tasks as flexibly as possible. In the first welding station, augers of different lengths are welded. For this purpose, the counter bearing can be moved on a rail system along with the size of the product. During welding, 2 wires with different properties are used to apply the wear protection. The Arc-Eye camera ensures that the contour of the spindle and helix is also precisely tracked. Programming is facilitated via customer-specific macros. Since wear on a drill screw is never uniform, Valk Welding has optimised programming to meet customer requirements.
Attachments and accessories are welded in the second station. In a rotating-tilting device, the so-called drop centre, the component can be moved effortlessly to all desired positions. Sheet thicknesses are up to 50 mm, and multilayer welding can be set very easily via the software.

Rudolf Feickert, Managing Director of FEGA Metallbau- and Handelsgesellschaft GmbH, describes the purchase and use of the Valk Welding welding robot: “For FEGA, entering robot welding technology was an important step towards automation. The hardfacing or repair welding of tools, could be implemented very flexibly with Valk Welding. The software with macro programming and off-line programming function, which was specially adapted for us, was developed in close consultation with our production department. With the robot from Valk Welding, we can counteract the shortage of skilled workers and are well equipped for the future.”


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