Continuous investments in the latest technology

By doubling turnover in nearly 10 years, the German supplier Wieneke has become a System Supplier for OEM companies from various sectors. Continuous investment in the latest technology, optimising internal logistics, a high delivery reliability and a 100% focus on quality are the underlying reasons. With the investment in a welding robot on an H frame, with a drop centre on both workstations, Wieneke is adding a growth accelerator. Alexander Wieneke said “When you pass on the efficiency benefits to the client, that produces more work in the end.”


The brothers Alexander and Tobias Wieneke are the third generation and expanded the family business to its current position. With 124 employees, 2 sites and 6,000 m2 of business premises, the company achieves a turnover of 13 million Euro. In 2009, the two brothers took the step to built a sheet-metal factory with the highest efficiency, quality and logistics workflow. Sheet-metal machining, finishing, coating and assembly are the main activities, ensuring that Wieneke can carry out all processes in house and unburden its clients completely. “The more you do for the client, the greater the added value and the stronger the relationship with the client,” explained Alexander Wieneke. “We have built up a long-term relationship with most of our clients.”

Why move to robotised welding?

“First of all, it is becoming more difficult for us to find professional welders. It is also obvious to use automated welding for complex products with a longer welding time. Alongside the 8 welding stations, the welding robot is the perfect complement. Both workstations, each with a drop centre, can be changed over relatively quickly and means they can be used for simple and complex products. Offline programming with DTPS was pretty much an essential aspect for us. We are welding a product on the welding robot with 163 welding seams and that can't be programmed online easily,” says Alexander Wieneke.

Investments in the latest technology is the growth engine.

Alexander and Tobias Wieneke

Faster and cheaper deliveries

“With the automation benefit, we are able to offer those products at a more favourable price with quicker delivery times to boot. It means we can continue to supply top-quality products at a competitive price. The result is more work from our clients. Investments in the latest technology is the growth engine,” explained Tobias Wieneke, who is responsible for sales.

No concessions on quality

Alexander and Tobias Wieneke are convinced that clients expect quality and lead times to comply with the agreements. “In practice many companies don't comply. To us that is actually the most important guarantee we offer our clients. We don't want to compromise lead times or product quality to save on costs. So all punching and laser work is deburred again just to be sure.” At Wieneke, punching and laser cutting are carried out with Trumpf laser and punch/laser combinations, linked to a sheet-steel warehouse with 600 pallet positions and they are bent with top-quality Amada pressbrakes. “With the extreme accuracy of the preparations, robotised welding requires little to no corrections in the welding programme.”

64,000 product numbers

Wieneke delivers many products on call. “With the quantities we have to deliver on call, maximum sheet-steel use is decisive for us. We don't want to have any left-over sheet that needs to be buffered again. We often manufacture more than we supply, and we keep those products in stock until the next call. That is why we have a large warehouse. Of the 64,000 product numbers part is repeat or is changed in the interim.”

Not all machines at full capacity

Although the punching and laser cutting systems operate pretty much 24/7, a number of machines are not in full use. Tobias Wieneke commented “You need plenty of machinery when you want to carry out every process in house, without depending on third parties. The fact that we have them is important to us, not the occupancy of the machine. The same applies to the welding robot at the moment, but the welding robot provides us with the opportunity to provide a competitive response to new requests.”

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