Partnering with Volvo: the societal position of Valk Welding

Working with large or influential companies does not just happen. A trustworthy partnership requires attention to key societal issues such as financial health, dependency and sustainability. In light of a new partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment, welding robot supplier Valk Welding shares its vision on these issues within their family-owned company.

Navigating partner criteria

For both major players and smaller companies, it is crucial to know: what do partners do in terms of behavior, what sustainability policies and code of conduct do they have in place, and how do they approach safety and ethics? There is a good reason for this, as the screws will have to be tightened considerably in the upcoming years for the benefit of the people, the environment and the success of the entire manufacturing industry.

Trust comes first

"The environment in which companies have to operate is changing rapidly," says Sven Akkerman, CFO at Valk Welding, "and this can create uncertainty for entrepreneurs." Inflation, climate change and scarcity have significant consequences for the metal industry. Valk Welding prioritises the trust of its customers, as confirmed by the positive results of the Volvo audit. Akkerman explains: "In terms of continuity, responsible governance and reliability, we have achieved a really good result. Valk Welding has grown rapidly in recent years, and Volvo has recognised and appreciated the professionalisation that this has brought.”

Sustainability policy

The topic of sustainability is also actively discussed within Valk Welding. During a recent staff meeting, employees were able to share their own ideas and concerns about the company's sustainability. This inclusive approach has already led to several initiatives, as Akkerman lists: "We collect rainwater, use both solar panels and charging stations, and make many buildings insulated and gas-free.” According to Volvo, Valk Welding already scores positively in this area, which motivates the company to continue: "We are on the right track, but we are also working hard for the coming years. One of the most important next steps is to measure and reduce CO₂ emissions, not only for ourselves but throughout the entire value chain.”

The Volvo Audit day resulted in 80% of the total points, placing us in the 'excellent' category with only a few other suppliers. This is definitely something to be proud of.

Sven Akkerman, CFO of Valk Welding

Facing the future

As a family-owned company, business continuity is a core issue, which is why we focus on risk management: how can we prevent and respond to incidents such as fire, flooding and cyber attacks? ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is also becoming increasingly important: "From 1 January 2025, large companies will have to comply with the European CSRD guidelines. This means that in our annual report we will report on our strategy, objectives and realisation in the areas of climate, people and good governance." Integrating ESG is a significant task, but the CFO remains hopeful: "With a multidisciplinary team and the right partners, we are fully committed to achieving this in 2024."



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